Friday, February 8, 2008



Tasty,easy, simple and quickest recipe!
When my better half wants to leave early to his work, he prefers Tomato bath for his lunch pack as it is quick and easy to prepare.

4 meduim sized tomatoes - finely chopped
2 cups of Basmati rice -soak for 30min and drain
1 meduim size onion -thinly sliced
1 tbsp of garlic-ginger paste
4 cloves
1 cardamom
3 bay leaves
4 cinnamon pieces
2tbspn oil
1tbspn red chillie powder
1tbspn corriander powder
1tspn cumin powder
salt as per taste

1.In a pan, heat oil on medium flame add all the spice and saute.
2.Add sliced onions and cook them till they become translucent.
3.Add ginger garlic paste
4.Add chopped tomatoes and saute for 2-3min
5.Add red chillie powder, corriander powder and cumin powder and saute for 2min
6.Add rice, water, salt and cook.
Note:The proportion of rice is to water is 1:1.2 i.e., 1cup rice :1.2 cup of water.

Serve it hot with raitha.


vani said...

its really nice

Anonymous said...

Nice recipe....

btw, Tomato Bath?? I thought it was some sort of bathing in tomato soup.

shobhanaveen said...

I tried and it was tasty. Easy to prepare

Anonymous said...

its really yummy..!