Thursday, January 24, 2008


Idli! -Soft N Tasty!
Is one of my favourite breakfast. I would prefer to eat anytime whether for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. I relish my mother's idli with sambar,chutney and vada.
I prefer eating idli as i feel lite especially whenI am travelling. I always use to enjoy eating idli during my pregnancy. My native, Bangalore with lot of road side hotels like sasyahari and tiffin rooms have idli in their menu throughout the day.. they just taste good!
Everytime when i make idlis, I want to capture idli shots -but, by the time I capture- my casserole is empty hehehe...
So, next time I will defnetly capture and post the pics.

Here goes my recipe-

1 cup of Urdhal
2 cups of Rice or Idli Rava
small cup of cooked rice
5 - 6 methi seeds
1 tspn of Salt
Pinch of Soda/Yeast

1.Soak urdhal, rice and methiseeds seperatelyfor 6 to 7 hrs.
2.You can soak the cooked rice for 30 minutes before grinding.
3First grind urdhal into a fine paste. Then grind the rice, cooked rice and methi seeds
NOTE(If you grind rice coarsely - this will result into rava idli)
4.Let the batter consistency be thick. Dont make it watery.
5.Let the batter ferment overnight.
6.Just before cooking them you add salt and soda to the batter.
7.Apply ghee to the idli plates or pouches.
8.Pour the batter into idli plates/pouches. Cook for 12 minutes.

For Rava Idli -
If you are using idli rava. Just soak the idli rava for 1 or 2 hrs. After you grind urdhal with cooked rice and methi seeds, drain the idli rava and mix into the batter. Serve it hot with sambar, chutney and vada. Hope you enjoy them!

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Anonymous said...

Tried your Idli recipe they just melt never tasted before
thanks for the wonderful recipe. I just loved them. thanks again.