Thursday, January 24, 2008


How to make phulkas?
Here goes the recipe...

1 Cup whole wheat flour
2 pinch of salt
Enough warm water to make the dough soft

1.Add seived flour in a bowl,add salt and enough water and knead for sometime then add oil or ghee and knead into soft dough. Keep aside for 15-20min.
2.From the dough- divide into equal parts in the size and shape of a lemon.

3.Take sufficient dry wheat flour for rolling the dough- roll it into a form of small puris.

4.Heat the tawa on a medium flame. Put the rolled phulkas on the tawa.
5.Flip and half cook on both the sides.(The top will look dry and small bubbles will form).

6.Remove the phulka from the tawa and put it directly onto the gas flame. It will raise.

With the forceps flip on both the sides without burning.
7. Put off the flame once it is done or remove the phulkas from the flame