Thursday, January 24, 2008


This dosa is quite popular in south india.It small in size, very soft and very tasty.
I always felt the following recipe, which I learnt from my mother is yummy compare to hotel one. Everytime it is a great hit! And my guests always enjoy them.
Hope you like it!
2 cups of rice
3/4 cup of poha
1/2 tsp. of methi seeds
2 tblspn. of curd/yogurt
1tspn of salt
pinch of soda
For garnishing- 1 cup of grated carrot
1cup of chopped fresh corriander

1.Soak rice,poha and methi seeds for 4 hrs.
2.Grind them into fine paste. Let the consistency of the batter be little thick. Dont make it watery.
3.Ferment the batter overnight.
4.Before making dosas, beat the yogurt/curd and mix in the batter.
5.Add salt and soda.
6.Heat the tava on a medium flame, brush the tava with cooking oil/ghee. Then pour the batter into the tava. Dont spread the batter let it be thick and small in size(pulka size).
7. Flip them on the other side- once you see small pores and feel it is cooked.
Optional-Garnish with grated carrot and chopped corriander on the upper side. This dosa is very tasty and soft.
Serve it hot with veg kurma/saagu and chutneys.Hope u enjoy them...

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