Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine's

Happy Valentine's to all my blog viewer's, to my dear friends - Preethi,Geetha, Chandrika, Malathy,Bharathi, Shree Anitha, Anitha, Gayathri,Sirisha, Indira,Sharmila, Ramya...
and My best friend Mangunis!
Preethi and Chandrika -Do you gals remember cake cutting during our college days?

This is the day I got ringed up. :-D Yes! got engaged to my better half!
How are the pastries?
So dont jump into conclusion that I made these pastries :-D I got it from a pastry shop, yet to taste waiting for my dear hubby to come.
Howz my editing part -looks like a nursery kidz drawing?
Request to all my blog viewers -just don't keep drooling (just kidding) seeing my blog! Do leave some comments, so that it will encourage me in posting more recipes.

Have A Great Valentine's

1 comment:

Preethi said...

Hi Shilpa Darling :)

Happy Valentines Day ,

Never Can i forget the valentines days we celebrated;) cutting the cake, wearing similar kind Ghagra, & chandrika cribbing over the expensive ice cream we all had !! those days were great

Love u the same always